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Academic Course List

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Computer Engineering Major Requirements:

Mathematics and Basic Science Courses:

Mathematics 2A: Single-Variable Calculus

Mathematics 2B: Single-Variable Calculus

Mathematics 2D: Multivariable Calculus

Mathematics 2J: Infinite Series and Basic Linear Algebra

Mathematics 3D: Elementary Differential Equations

Mathematics 6A: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

Mathematics 114A: Applied Complex Analysis

Physics 7A, LA: Classical Physics -Vectors; Motion; Momentum; Force /Lab

Physics B, LB: Classical Physics -Rotation and Gravity /Lab

Physics D, LD: Classical Physics -Electricity and Magnetism /Lab

Physics E: Classical Physics - Fluids; Oscillations; Waves; and Optics

Physics 51A: Modern Physics- Wave-particle Duality; Quantum Mechanics; Special

                                       Relativity; Statistical Mechanics

Physics 52A-B: Fundamentals of Experimental Physics


Engineering Core Courses:

EECS12: Introduction to Programming

EECS20: Computer Systems and Programming in C

EECS31: Introduction to Digital Systems

EECS31LB: Introduction to Digital Logic Laboratory

EECS40: Object-Oriented Systems and Programming

EECS70A: Network Analysis I

EECS70B: Network Analysis II

EECS70LB: Networks Analysis II Laboratory

EECS111: System Software

EECS112: Organization of Digital Computers

EECS112L: Organization of Digital Computers Laboratory

EECS114: Engineering Data Structures and Algorithms

EECS115: Introduction to VLSI

EECS129: Senior Design Project

EECS140: Engineering Probability

EECS150A: Continuous-Time Signals and Systems

EECS150B: Discrete-Time Signals and Systems

EECS170A: Electronics I

EECS170LA: Electronics I Laboratory

EECS170B: Electronics II

EECS170LB: Electronics II Laboratory


Engineering Elective Courses: (Four Courses)

EECS104: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics

EECS105: Fundamentals of Scientific Visualization

EECS106: Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Geometric Design

EECS107: Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing

EECS113: Microprocessor Interface Techniques

EECS116: Introduction to Data Management

EECS117: Parallel Computer Systems

EECS118: Introduction to Knowledge Management for Software and Engineering

EECS123: Introduction to Real-Time Distributed Programming

EECS148: Introduction to Computer Networks



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