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Extracurricular Activities

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Engineering Student Council (ESC): .

ESC is the student government for the Henry Samueli School of Engineering.  ESC is dedicated to provide a network of support for engineering students through programs that promote student advocacy, networking skills, social development, and project management through events on campus and in the community.

 Movie Watcher Club:

Almost on a weekly basis, we are shown screenings of movies before they are made available to the general public. This club requires a lot of time management because I need to have everything done before I can go to these events.

 Hindu Student Council:

The Hindu Students Council is dedicated to discussing and propagating an interest in the Hindu Ethos. The Hindu Civilization has a history of thousands of years starting from the ancient Vedas of India. We are here not only to discover the glory of this past, but also to discover our own role growing up here in the Western World. This is more of a social club.

 Investment Club:

The Investment club participation is to improve the general understanding of practical investment techniques, to develop practical investment skills and test them in market and to create superior access to career opportunities in the investment industry


 The Boeing Company, Long Beach, California. At Boeing, I held the position of being a Senior Intern, so I had many duties like advising my peers on tasks that needed to be performed. I managed my team through difficult tasks, and managed to do quality work. We also had to provide "in-house" customer service.